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      MJF100 Features:

      1.     Dual LED four digits display

      2.     Counting range”-1999~9999.setting range 1-9999

      3.     Dry contact input,NPN transistor input,Quadrature 90ºinput

      4.     Input frequency from 1 to max 5000HZ and configurable

      5.     Normal counting/batch counting/totalizing counting

      6.     Various reset mode and relay reset delay function

      7.     12 VDC 100 mA auxiliary power source for sensor

      8.     Up or down counting mode selectable

      9.     85~265 Vac or 24 VAC/VDC power source

      10.   Power failure retention on/off configurable

      11.   Decimal point display,no decimals to max 3 decimals

      12.   Relay reset delay range 0.01 sec~99.99 sec

      13.   Multiplier available for easy meter counting application

      14.   Quadrature input for encoders

      15.   Optional features:

            RS485 Modbus RTU communication

            OP2/OP3/OP4 OUTPUT optional

            24VDC/AC source optional,standard source is 85-265VAC

            2 Alarm options,1 alarms is standard as OP1

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